What is Language Partners BC?

Language Partners BC is a volunteer-run organization that creates and supports free language exchange programs. Our programs bring neighbours together face-to-face to improve language skills and build community. Our programs also provide an opportunity for individuals to develop their leadership and facilitation skills.

How do language exchange programs work?

Our language exchange programs are 10-14 weeks long. Partners meet at a physical location once per week, and spend half the time in one language and half the time in the other language. They receive materials and facilitation from trained facilitators. Partners also have opportunity to meet other people in the program.

Principles of language exchange:

  • All languages are equally valuable

  • Autonomy – you choose what and how you learn

  • Reciprocity – we help each other

  • Fun

What languages can I learn?

Any language that another person offers. You will sign up to learn any languages that you are interested in, and if we can find a partner for you, you will be matched. We also offer specialized Arabic-English programs for women.