Seeking Social Media Coordinator

Position type: Volunteer, 3 hours/week

Start and end date: October-January, with possibility of continuing

Deadline for application: ASAP

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Language Partners BC is a volunteer-run organization supporting one-to-one face-to-face language exchange programs in Vancouver, and training community members to be facilitators. We bring together adults from different language backgrounds and provide infrastructure for them to learn languages together and build relationships. Many of the participants are new immigrants or refugees, and our programs are focused on supporting these newcomers in conversation and settlement.

We value diversity, equality, peace, camaraderie, fun, and open-mindedness. We are also serious about assessing our work, refining our programs, and growing to support more people.

The long-term goal is to support dozens of diverse language exchange programs across the province.

We are looking for a Social Media Coordinator to lead in promoting the organization and managing the communities of followers and supporters on social media (at this point, only Facebook).

Primary Responsibilities:

  •   Coordinate regular posts on our Facebook page (minimum 4 posts/week), including original program-related content, graphics, and reposted content related to language learning, community building, and key events, organizations, and people in Vancouver and British Columbia.
  •   Respond consistently to comments, questions, and messages from followers and community members.
  •   Optional, based on your interest: Develop, propose, and execute your own creative ideas for social media campaigns.
  •   Work with the Database and Website Coordinator as needed to ensure our website and Facebook page make sense together and interact effectively.
  •   Report on progress and troubleshoot challenges in meetings every two weeks with the Director.

Desired Qualifications:

  •   Experience in managing social media accounts for a similar group, organization, or issue
  •   Passion for community building
  •   Technical proficiency in administering Facebook accounts
  •   Accountability
  •   Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •   Genuine curiosity and enjoyment of people
  •   Multilingualism would be a bonus
  •   Photography skills would be a bonus


  •   Introduction meeting with the Director to develop expectations and a plan
  •   Access to our full Google Drive of documentation, and administrator access to our Facebook account
  •   Email introductions to the Database and Website Coordinator, the past Social Media Coordinators, the Assistant Coordinator, and any current Facilitators
  •   Meetings every two weeks with the Director, and email support as needed

If you’re interested, email Mary Leighton at, with a resume and an email about why you are a good fit for the role.


In the email subject heading, please write: Social Media Coordinator.


We will contact people as soon as they apply, because we are eager to fill this position.