Resources for Language Exchange Programs

Language Partners BC cannot run programs everywhere, so we want to support people in starting their own programs. Have you considered starting a program in your community? We hope these resources can empower you to get started.

Send us a message – We would love to hear if you are starting a new language exchange program. Send an email to our coordinator ([email protected]). We can’t promise an immediate response, but we would be happy to hear and provide feedback. We can even connect you to people in your area when we get questions.

Starting your own Language Exchange Program

Language Exchange Planning worksheet

Background Reading

Intro to Language Exchange

6 Tips for a Successful Language Exchange

Newcomers Need Language Exchange

More than Language: Social Potentials of Language Exchange

Curriculum Materials

Arabic Alphabet Guide

Arabic-English Curriculum Guide

More resources

UBC tandem Language Learning Program is a large-scale language exchange that runs at the University of British Columbia, matching about 800 people every term: