Sharing stories and learning languages: two loves

Introducing Katya, our new communications coordinatorLearning a new language is a challenge - but a fun one.  Moving to a new country is a challenge - but a rewarding one.  When you combine the two? It’s good to have people around you to support you, and it’s even better if you can help other people along the way.

This is why I was excited to learn about Language Partners BC, and why I’m even more excited to be joining the team as Language Partners’ new Social Media and Outreach Coordinator.  I am new to Canada, and English is one of three languages I speak - and I look forward to meeting new friends through our programming and telling the stories of how we can build connections between people using language as a bridge.

My name is Katya, and to help you learn a little bit more about me, here's a short version of my life story: I was born and grew up in (close to the coldest part of) Russia, where I once wanted to become a Russian/English interpreter but was also later convinced to study information communication technology; I studied and worked in China, where I learned about Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese language; and now I am lucky to live in Canada, where I have learned only a little bit about the challenges of the immigration system, though I recognize how lucky I was. Languages are a passion of mine - currently I am learning French to add to the list.  In my spare time, I also volunteer as a rabbit wrangler at a shelter for bunnies in Richmond. I also love cinema and I am always happy to find new friends!

I learned about Language Partners through networks of people welcoming me to Canada and I loved to learn about the story of the organization.  Helping people learn languages while helping build bridges between cultures, communities, and newcomers is an amazing story, and I know that Language Partners has already made impacts in peoples’ lives.  I think that these stories should be told - and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

In Chinese, a good phrase to close a story like this is 再见 (zai jian) - “see you again.” I’m looking forward to seeing you and sharing stories of Language Partners and our amazing community. Until then!